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1st January 2021: First blog post of the year, and my goals for 2021.

Hi readers,

So here it is it’s 2021 and my first blog post. I’m excited about what this year entails.

Last year I didn’t set any goals, so I thought it would get the year to a good start. Here a few ideas that I would like to achieve during this year,

  • Blog– Practice and hopefully get better at blogging.
  • Drink water- My goal is to drink a litre of water a day.
  • Read more– Set myself more free time for reading.
  • Practice knitting– Find some knitting projects and practice.
  • Exercise- Set myself an achievable workout plan.

Have you set any goals for 2021?

How things are at the moment, getting through the day seems like a goal achieved. Take every day as it comes is something I strongly live by.

Thank you for reading.

Take care Lauren x

9 replies on “1st January 2021: First blog post of the year, and my goals for 2021.”

Well I wanted to say Laura is I think your doing just find with your blogging side of things when I first noticed you end of last year and thats a very important aspect of setting goals, how you end, looking back at what you have accomplished with the satisfaction (or sometimes dissatisfaction gained as a motivating or driving force to continue. I can fully explain why but your simple blogs gave me an extra stimulance to continue. So don’t resolute it just continue.
The water thing is a very very good goal. Forcing yourself to drink pure simple water (tap water is just as good apparently) frequently through out the whole day.

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