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December 16th: My story with Crohn’s Disease.

Hi readers,

This blog post will be quite a long one, but I thought it would be a good idea to write about my journey with Crohn’s disease. Sorry if bowel talk isn’t very Christmassy.

I will always remember going back to my last year at school. I was in my lesson, and I remember telling a friend I just didn’t feel right. I was only fifteen, but I felt tired. It was persistent, so I visited the doctors.

Later on, I had a blood test. It didn’t take long for me to get told that I was anaemic. So I was prescribed iron tablets and started taking them straight away.

However, the symptoms didn’t stop. Also, I realised I was developing new symptoms, horrible stomach pain, and diarrhoea.

After going back to the doctors, then the tests started to begin. The doctors were coming up with lot’s of causes to what I was experiencing. The first thing they thought was irritable bowel, then food intolerances and even a rumbling appendix.

I had blood tests, MRI scans and ultrasounds. But nothing, in particular, was found. During the time, I was unable to go to school, and it was taking a toll on my mental health. It felt like I was never going to know what was wrong.

It took around a year, but I finally got the answers when I had an endoscopy.

The doctor then diagnosed me with Crohn’s disease. An inflammatory bowel condition. Even though it is a lifelong condition, treatment can ease symptoms.

After being put on a medication called Azathioprine, it changed my life. At twenty-one, my symptoms are pretty mellow. I do still get a painful stomach some days, but it is much better now than how I was when it first started.

Thank you for reading.

Take care Lauren x

7 replies on “December 16th: My story with Crohn’s Disease.”

I have a family member who suffers with this terrible issue. She has had to be hospitalised many times and has had surgeries to help ease it. I’m so thankful she is doing better now and that you were finally listened to. We know our bodies and know what goes on. So I’m glad you were persistent!
Olivia |


You are one hundred percent right. You have to be confident enough not to always take the first answer you are given, even though it is difficult. Thank you for your comment it’s appreciated ☺ sending best wishes to you and your family member.

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